Welcome my dear, Alaina.

On Tuesday, March 26th at 1am I woke up with back contractions. It was 6 days before my due date. They were more noticeable then most of the “false” labor I was having in the week’s prior. The contractions were strong, often but tolerable. “They” always say, if you can walk and talk though them it is not active labor… and I was texting. I was texting my sweet friend about if the contractions were going to progress or if I should try to go back to bed.

At about 2am my friend advised me that it was probably time to wake up Daniel. When I woke Daniel up, he was under the impression that he was snoring and I had come to kick him out of bed, Ha! After I explained that I thought that it was time to meet our little girl he proceeded to ask me multiple times if I was sure. I drew a bath to see how my contractions would act in the water. (Did you know that water will slow down contractions if they aren’t “real” and speed them u if the are? So cool right?)

At 2:30am we called my sister to come over and then we called the midwives pager. The midwife (Bayli) could hear me working hard with each contraction do they decided they would head over.

My sister arrived around 3:30am and not to far after that midwives (Bayli and Chelsea) were here. After we chatted about what had been happening they checked my dilation and I was only 3cm. I felt so defeated. These contractions felt intense and they were coming quicker. I decided to head into the shower to attempt relieve some of my back labor. As I was in the shower my sped up rapidly, contractions every 1.30 last 1 min ( 30 sec recovery time was feeling pretty brutal)  My midwives headed downstairs to start some paper work and I spent some time hanging over my birth ball with my sister and Daniel taking turns putting counter pressure on my back as my labor processed. As the involuntary pushing and baring down started I heard Bayli run up the stairs and I knew I had dilated fully and baby was going to be here soon. She didn’t even check me at this point. She just said’ We are going to set up for baby’s arrival now.

Finally about 4:55 I started to transition. For those who don’t know, this is the final and most intense part of labor. This is when a woman’s strength is tested. I felt there was nothing I could do to cope. I just remembered feeling the next contraction without a break from my last. I was just repeating “ no no no no no”.

My midwives had ran a bath for me and they suggested I see if being in the tub made end more tolerable. I moved around the tub trying to get relief from the contractions and involuntary pushing. I really thought Alaina was going to come out my bum but my midwives reassure me that they had never seen that before.

They asked if Daniel wanted to catch baby and he very quickly declined that job which was a good thing because as I stood in my next contraction, I pushed and Alaina came out extremely fast and was caught mid fall but the student midwife. (I kinda picture she looked like a baby giraffe being born, where they just fall out and toward the ground)

Alaina was born at 5:44am and the first thing Daniel said “S**t I am glad I wasn’t in charge of catching the baby”. I held my baby to my chest as I walked to my bed; we laid down and stared at each other as we waited for the placenta to be delivered.

I nursed Alaina for the first time and the midwives did all the checks on both of us that they needed to. They cleaned up and started laundry. My sister got Aria up and made her breakfast as Daniel and I just stayed in bed staring at our new addition.
The one thing that I really wanted was for Alaina to weigh more then my first daughter (Aria) who was 6lb 3oz. My heart sank, Alaina came out weight a tiny 5lb 8oz but she latched really well and is growing like a champ.

One thought on “Welcome my dear, Alaina.

  1. You always do such an amazing job with your labour and delivery! So honoured to be part of the process. The home birth was a beautiful experience.


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