Easter Baskets with Less Added Sugar

I love Easter! I love the feeling that spring is here and the celebration of our saviour Jesus!
The tradition of Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts is so fun but I am not a fan of all the added sugar!
I am sharing some of my top suggestion for Easter baskets your kids will love without all the chocolate and candy.

For all ages:
Beach Toys
Music/ CDs
Healthier snack options

  • For baby I really like Love Child Organics! My top picks would be love ducks, banana o’s and oat bars
  • Annie’s Organics cheddar bunnies or Honey gram bunnies
  • Smart food popcorn
  • Kind bars/LÄra bars

New PJs
Reusable festive straws/cups
Festive Hair Clips/ Accessories
Festive Temporary Tattoos
Bubble Bath. Bath Bombs

For baby and young kids:
Bathtub books
Bath Toys
Teething Toys

For older children:
Festive Stickers
Festive Coloring Book
Nail Polish
Travel puzzles
Travel Games
Individual Lego Toy Pack
Educational DVD
Movie passes
Lip Gloss
Sidewalk Chalk
Festive Earrings

Little Boy Age 4
Little Girl Age 6


Toddler Girl Age 14 months
Toddler Boy Age 19 Months

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