Aria’s Birth Story Part 2

The drive to The Birth Centre was one of the worst parts of my labour. With every contraction my low back was in just as much pain as the actual contraction pain. I couldn’t sit in the car normally so I decided to sit in the back seat backwards as we drove down Crowchild a little faster then usual. I had four contractions on the 15-minute drive to the Birth Centre and I have never been so happy to get out of the car.

By the time we arrived at the Birth Centre my midwife, Jen, was already there getting paper work started and running me a bath. My sister also arrived as a secondary support from my husband. As a got into the warm bath, my sister set up my aromatherapy diffuser while my husband continued to support me through each contraction. After labouring in the bath for about an hour, my contractions felt like they were coming faster, stronger and I started to feel the need to push. My midwife seemed surprised when I asked her if I should feel that already.

She wanted me to contract a little longer in different positions before offering to check my cervical progression. My back labour made it painful to sit or lay during a contraction but changing positions is the best way to have baby perfectly placed, ready to come down the birth canal. I had a few rounds of contractions bouncing on an exercise ball while my sister massaged my back, I had a couple rounds of contractions leaning against walls or my husband and I had a few rounds of contractions on my hands and knees/ child’s pose. Finally it was time to see my progression and thankfully I was dilated 9.5 cm but I had a bit of a cervical lip. This term means that you’re fully dilated, but an edge of your cervix (usually the anterior — or front — of the cervix) is a little bit swollen and is still in the way of baby’s head. When there is still a lip you can either push while your health care provider manually moves the lip with their fingers as you push, or you can labour a couple contractions longer in positions that put pressure on the lip and encourage it to “melt” away. I decided to labour a bit longer so back to the bath I went.

At about 1pm on February 1, 2017, my second midwife, Susan, showed up and it was finally time to push. Pushing can take moms any where between 30 minutes to 2 hours. After pushing in many unusual positions and many different areas of the birth suite I could start to feel my sweet baby’s head. After 2 full hours of pushing Miss Aria Lynn Cross was born at 2:59pm on February 1, 2017. I choose to do delayed cord clamping, prolonged skin-to-skin bonding, immediate breastfeeding and keeping my placenta for encapsulation. After about an hour of bonding with baby, delivering my placenta and getting stitched up, it was time for baby to get a quick check up and weigh in. Baby Aria weighed in at 6lb 3oz and measured 20 inches long.

We were both happy and healthy so it was time for us to get ready to go home. The midwives gave us some guidelines for me on normal bleeding and how often I should be feeding baby during the night and they help us gather all of our stuff. Midwives would be coming to the house in the morning to check on us. We made baby all nice and warm in her car seat and we were headed home by 5:30pm on February 1, 2017.

I was so happy to have a completely drug free and out of hospital birth. After 11 hours of labour and 2 hours of pushing I had my beautiful and healthy baby and were back at home by 6pm the same day.


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