Helping Labour and Delivery

There are so many articles that talk about different ways you can make yourself go into labour; while most products can’t make you go into labour when your body isn’t ready,  there is science saying that these products can help stop you from going over due. This is important for a lot of us who are planning an out of hospital and/or natural birth.

Below are some commonly used products for pregnancy, Labour Preparation, Post-bith care and Newborn care.

Red Raspberry leaf Tea: can drink after 37 weeks to help tone the uterus in preparation for the marathon of birth

Evening Primrose Oil Capsules: Can be taken after 37 weeks to aid in hormone balance and to prepare the cervix to expand as your due date approaches

EmergenC or Ener-C: drink to aid in maintaining adequate electrolyte levels during labour and post birth. Combine with coconut water for extra hydration and electrolytes.

Epsom Salts: Add to bath to aid in healing of perineal tissues in the days after birth

Calendula Tincture: promotes healing. Can be used for vaginal ice packs for after birth and on baby’s umbilical stump to prevent infection and faster healing. Can also be used in peri bottle for after birth to spray in vaginal area. [Be sure to get the right kind. They have spray forms and creams but only Amaranth Health Food Store carries the right tincture

Dates: studies have shown that women who eat 6 dates a day, starting at 36 weeks, are significantly more dilated, more like to go into labour naturally and have shorter first phase of labour. Dates contain all the following dietary benefits as well:

  • Natural sugars (fructose) that easily break down in the body and won’t spike blood sugar levels but will offer high energy, which makes dates during pregnancy or labour an excellent choice.
  • Fiber – Helps you stay full, relieves constipation, and lowers your risk for gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.
  • Potassium– One of the best electrolytes. It helps maintain water/salt balance, which helps regulate blood pressure.
  • Magnesium– Support muscular health and helps to alleviate muscle spasms and cramps in pregnancy.
  • Folate  – Getting enough folate will ensure that your baby’s spinal cord matures properly, avoiding neural tube defects.
  • Vitamin K – maintains proper blood clotting and healthy bones.

Almond Oil: Ideal for massage during labour and used for baby massage after birth

In Calgary you can find all these items Amaranth Health Food Store with three locations around the city. North location – Arbour Lake, Central – 4th Street Downtown and South Location- 130th Ave SE. Stop by on the first Wednesday of every month for customer Appreciation Day – 20% off – 



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