What men need to know about pregnancy

After having conversations with my husband, I found out that he thinks I know whats going 100% of the time. He was under the impression that I know the changes my body is going through and I know what to except. This is NOT TRUE so here are a couple things I feel the dads-to-be need to know.


We Are Just As Confused as You Are…
No matter how much we wish we could help you understand what is happening, more often than not we wish we knew ourselves. Pregnancy runs us through the wringer—physically, mentally, and emotionally. So no, we don’t know why one day something is appetizing and the next we cant look at it. We don’t know why one minute we feel good and the next we feel huge. And yes, sometimes we need to pee even when we just came out of the washroom.

We Are So Tired …
Even though it looks like we’re doing nothing, our bodies are doing a crap-ton behind the scenes. We’re growing an entire person. We hate feeling tired and exhausted and suddenly needing to nap at two in the afternoon. Add older kids with a second, third or forth pregnancy and you might start to understand why we’re left feeling a little run down.

Every Pregnancy Is Different…
Regardless of what you’ve heard or experienced with pregnant women, every pregnancy is unique. Even with women being pregnancy for the third or forth time. Some women get odd food cravings but some women don’t even like thinking about food. Some women will bite off your hand if you try to grab a french fry and some women, like myself, will happily share. So no, we aren’t all crazy about food.

We Can Feel Insecure …
Even though we are so excited about our little one, we can feel insecure about our bodies and abilities along the way. One day we could feel great in a fitted shirt showing off our baby bump and the next we could just feel huge. Try to be as understanding and supportive as you can even when you don’t get what’s going on with us from on minute to the other.

We Need You To Go With The Flow…
I never know how I’m going to feel from day to day. I don’t know if I’ll want to do some crazy cleaning around the house or if I’m going to want to lay in bed all day and watch Netflix in-between naps. Pregnancy is suppose to help prepare us for motherhood—those frequent nighttime bathroom breaks prep us for night feedings and that morning sickness we battle gets us well-acquainted with bodily fluids—it also prepares you for fatherhood. The best thing you can do is learning to go with the flow to prepare you for the baby that will soon make days crazier.

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