Creating a Birth Plan

What is a birth plan? Are you on the fence about creating a birth plan? Or are you just stuck on where to start? Here is some information I found helpful while creating my natural delivery birth pan.

What is a Birth Plan?
A birth plan is a document that lets your medical team know your preferences for things like how to manage labor pain. There are always events during labor that you cant control and your birth plan may not be followed exactly but having a printed document with your wishes is a good way to keep everyone in line with your exceptions of care.

Why create a Birth Plan?
By creating a birth plan you get to have a written document that touches on your requests during normal labor and delivery, How are you hoping for your baby to be treated right after delivery and days after, medications you approve for both you and your baby and What do you want to happen in the case of unexpected events.

Where to start?
When it comes to creating a birth plan some hospitals and birth centers can provide a birth plan worksheet or brochure to explain their policies and philosophy of childbirth, and to let you know what your birth options might be. Most online birth plan worksheets are in line with most hospitals and midwives options of care.

I created a picture birth plan that is easy to follow for anyone (medical staff or non) to follow with questions. I created a natural birth plan to go with my midwifery care and the plan to give birth in a birthing centre instead of a hospital.

I found this website that gives you downloadable word documents for both natural and medically assisted births.

If the visual birth plan isn’t for you here are other websites that helped me get started.

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