Hitting 12 weeks

Oh BABY! On July 27th I finally hit the 12-week mark! It seemed so long between the day we found out we were expecting and the day we finally reached 12weeks. Sadly, my morning sickness started at 5 weeks, which made most days feel longer. Many expecting mothers experience morning sickness starting around 6-7 weeks. High levels of pregnancy hormones flooding your body cause pregnancy nausea and vomiting. It’s very common. About eight out of 10 pregnant women experience nausea and/or vomiting.

It had been a long 7 weeks dealing with nausea, throwing up and the secret of why I feel so crappy. I was hoping that my morning (all day) sickness would subside soon. I had been given the morning sickness prescription medication that did little to help with my symptoms. I tried every natural suggestion to ease my sickness, however Google left me disappointment as well. My first trimester included throwing up about 4-6 a day, orange popsicles, Gatorade and hating the grocery store. I had two ultrasounds confirming there was only one baby and it was exciting to see how baby as changed and development. During the first trimester I really wanted to eat healthy, stay active and get all the rest that my body needed, well I think that baby had a different plan. When I come to food I am in survival mode. I was eating whatever looks okay at the moment. Fruit, popsicles and peanut butter has really been everything that I could look at without feeling sick. There are more aggressive options for medications but there are risks to the baby growth with all of them, I was just not interested in taking those even if my sickness lasts my whole pregnancy.

Here are a couple of the natural ideas that my work for you or a friend:

  • Relaxation helps reduce your stress levels, I found my sickness was worse when I was tired or worried
  • Eat a little bit at a time and often. I found foods that were cold and juicy to be better for my nausea. When I started to become hungry my sickness would be worse. Try eating protein with any fruits, vegetables or carbs. This will help the sugars release less quickly, which will save you from a sugar crash
  • Try to have foods rich in vitamin B6, (avocado, bananas and chicken). Taking a vitamin B supplement may also reduce your nausea if you can swallow the pills, but they probably won’t prevent you from vomiting. If you are trying to get pregnancy you might want to take vitamin B6 supplements to try and reduce our morning sickness severity.
  • Stay hydrated. Water is always the first choice but if you are having troubles getting it down you can also try drinks with electrolytes. Try to stay away from Gatorade due to the extra sugar (I went with the new G2 Gatorade which has half the sweeteners) other good sources of hydration include coconut water or the Emergen-c packets.

2 thoughts on “Hitting 12 weeks

  1. Oh, I’ve been there with the morning sickness and Googling in desperation. I was doing unrelated research earlier this year when I noticed that one micronutrient–molybdenum–is highest in the foods that have been linked to lower levels of nausea in a global survey of morning sickness. I looked further and found that molybdenum is part of an enzyme that breaks down sulfite in the body, and sulfite is known to make people very sick sometimes when ingested. Then I found that the body makes more of sulfite’s precursor, hydrogen sulfide, when making new blood vessels (hello, placenta).
    Foods that are high in molybdenum include pulses (i.e., beans and lentils), whole-grain oats, barley, and liver. I can’t recommend much liver consumption during pregnancy because of the high level of Vitamin A it contains, but the other foods are quite safe. There are also a few brands of prenatal vitamins that include molybdenum. I found molybdenum works wonderfully to get rid of nausea, but one still has the heartburn part of morning sickness and for that, it’s best to just eat small meals.
    Good luck to you!


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