Why I Chose Midwifery

Here are some of the reasons I chose Midwife care:

One-on-one care: With a midwife, I feel I receive the best type of prenatal care, it feels complete in every aspects. Instead of merely providing medical care, my midwives are concerned about my emotional, mental and nutritional well-being and will have the time set aside to discuss these aspects of life during prenatal appointments. It is not uncommon for a prenatal appointment with a midwife to last an hour or more. Most of my appointments start with my midwife asking me what questions or concerns I would like to talk about. They give me natural ways to help me calm my concerns and answer all my questions even if they seem silly.

Community: My midwife group likes to help moms and dads connect with other couples. I attend a centering pregnancy session with other mother due in the same birth month as me. These classes are once every other week where all the mothers due in February meet with our midwifes for a couple hours. It gives me a chance to meet other mom going through the same stages and hopefully making mom friends for after baby is born.

Natural philosophy of birth: Instead of looking at birth as a medical event to be managed, a midwife looks at birth as a normal occurrence in the life of a woman. A midwife is not there to manage a birth, but instead she is there to provide guidance when necessary and to observe and step in when her help is needed. Midwives make sure that you are a good candidate for their services by reviewing labs and ultrasounds to make sure you don’t need more medical attention that you receive from an OB. Your medical history and family medical history is reviewed and taken into consideration when midwives are assessing where this care is right for you.

Non-interventive care: A midwife is often in the background, allowing the labouring woman an undisturbed environment that is calm and soothing. She will step in only when her help is necessary. This is a very important and beneficial aspect of midwifery care. A midwife will not “mess” with the natural process of birth. Any type of intervention can result in further problems or interventions.

Nurturing care. A midwife will protect the expectant parents from unnecessary worry. She is aware of the mind/body connection during pregnancy and birth and will guide parents in decision-making when it comes to tests, etc.

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