Keeping the secret

DSC_0483After month of praying for a baby, we finally experienced a positive pregnancy test. I made a doctors appointment for confirmation and the next steps for prenatal care. Now that we knew that we were going to be getting a little bundle of joy, we couldn’t be more excited but now we had to keep our excitement under wraps…

Unfortunately the risk of miscarriages is the main reason couples keep their pregnancy a secret till 12 weeks. During the first 12 weeks risk of miscarriage is at its highest and even healthy women under the age of 35 have a 15% chance of miscarrying during this time.

Expecting parents are often excited but after being sick for weeks I felt like I needed to tell some people so that I could get some help if needed. I had to cancel plans with people and I couldn’t really leave the house for more then an hour at a time. I was prescribed a prescription or my nausea and “morning” sickness but it didn’t seem to work for me at all. After three weeks of hoping the medication would take effect I just stop taking it. I didn’t want the extra medications especially unnecessarily.

I decided that if I needed to tell people I was pregnant because I was so sick then it would only be people that I could talk to if I had a miscarriage down the road.

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