When you least expect it

img_2129The process of waiting to hear from the fertility clinic seemed like years. I was waiting for my next period so I could do the blood work that the fertility clinic needed before we could get an appointment.

At the beginning of June I started to feel sick and tired. I was still waiting for my period to come but I had a much longer cycles then before. I would go out with friends and not drink just to be safe. I would still be the only one throwing up the next day.

After a couple days of not feeling on point I started researching morning sickness and my other symptoms. It seemed like a stretch but I was trying to bring some hope back. It seemed that morning sickness would be unlikely; as I didn’t think I could be that far along if I was pregnant. Finally my husband said that I needed to take a pregnancy test because if it wasn’t pregnant I would need to go to the doctor to find out what was actually wrong.

On June 13th I took a Clear Blue weeks predictor test. As I was waiting the 3 long minutes for the results, I said to God, I don’t think I can handle another negative. Already crying I looked at the test as my phones timer rang, Pregnant 3+ weeks.

I stood there taking a double and triple look. I was shock but so very happy. I started crying harder instantly, I could hardly believe after all the negative test I had taken that I finally got my long awaited positive.

I told my husband by giving him an infant size Toronto Blue Jays jersey since they are his favorite MLB team. He was just as surprised. And tried to keep his excitement down and asked me if the tests could give false positives.

The next morning I wanted to take another test. Again I took a Clear Blue week’s predictor test and again I got Pregnant 3+.

This is for real.

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