Late but still a negative …

neg-testAfter being off of birth control for almost a year my cycle seemed to be almost “normal “ for me. When trying to conceive you are waiting on pins and needles to NOT get a period. After being almost a week late I was so helpful that what I would finally be pregnant.

Nervously taking a pregnancy test and the results were still negative?!? How could this be true?

After almost 2 weeks late and 3 different brands of pregnancy tests later I was sure that something must be terribly wrong. Still in my mind I saying I had bad tests or they were just false negatives, anything to try to keep my hope alive. It is just such a disappointment.

Could the one thing I had been hoping for (not to get a period) have come true the worst possible way? Had I jinxed myself to not be able to conceive at all?

Here were my seven stages of a negative pregnancy test:

  • Hopeful, I was always sure it was finally going to be my month to share the good news to my family and friends. I get excited that’s its getting close to the end of the cycle.
  • Denial, the test looks negative or I got what looks like my period. Maybe its just to early to test, my urine isn’t concentrated enough for the test to work or just implantation bleeding?
  • Anger, This is bull. I have to be pregnant, I have been doing everything I should be doing and everyone else seems to be able to get pregnant.
  • Needing Proof, I look on the Internet for stories of women who got a negative but ended up being pregnant. Looking up what implantation bleeding is like.
  • Depression, The reality hits that the annoying negative test is just that – a negative- again. I always pray and say that I don’t know if I can take another negative.
  • Acceptance, realizing that the negative is just a negative for this month or your period came this cycle. It was just a bump in the road for this cycle. Having a little one is just too important to me to give up.

Repeat monthly …

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