Road to Motherhood

All I ever wanted to be was a mom.

We were taught in schools that if you had unprotected sex you would get pregnant. I grew up thinking, getting pregnant was easy, it was becoming pregnant before you were ready that was hard.

At the age of 19, I met this wonderful man and 6 months later he proposed. It was my fairytale coming true. Two years later, after I finished post secondary schooling, on September 14, 2013, I married my husband, Daniel.

As a dating couple you talk about goals and life plans. We had come to the conclusion/agreement that we would have a couple years of marital bliss before adding any little ones to our family. We have places we want to experience before fully settling down to raise a family but I had a itch that was getting hard to ignore, I wanted to be a mom so bad and a couple of years seem like an eternity.

Marriage is about the other person as well and my husband just wasn’t ready to have kids right away which we had previous had conversations about, it was my duty to be respectful to our agreement and just enjoy our time just the two of us.

AS the two-year mark began to approach, I was incredibly excited, however, everyone seemed to have an opinion on the subject. Some felt I was too young to be a mother at 24, others expressed that it would happen so fast and the odd person lectured me on not putting stress on wanting to be a mom because it will make it harder on us. I find it somewhat interesting how people express their views on the subject of my fertility without being asked.

On July 3, 2015, we started trying for a beautiful baby of our very own. Much to my surprise it did not happen that month. I began to think of all the opinions that were given to me and I started to get frustrated. Months passed quicker and quicker and still we had not been blessed with a little one of our very own. Numerous friends were posting on social media about how they were expecting and it was tremendously difficult for me.

Was something wrong with me?

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